PNZ Public Survey

2018 PNZ Public Survey

A survey of New Zealand adults was run in December 2018, to help better understand public awareness and perceptions of both physios in general and Physiotherapy New Zealand as the profession’s membership organisation. Following a similar format to a PNZ survey completed in 2016, this was done through a public research panel managed by independent research agency Perceptive.

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Results Summary

Physiotherapists are well recognised in New Zealand, with physiotherapy one of the leading health professions in terms of awareness and physios top-of-mind for many people when thinking of healthcare professionals. However the public often think of doctors as their first point of call for issues that physiotherapists can help with, suggesting they aren’t aware of the complete range of areas where physiotherapy can help.

  • As also identified in 2016, at any given time a notable proportion of adult New Zealanders have a health issue that physiotherapy can help with – but many people wait to seek treatment. The Don't say oh! Say Physio! PNZ marketing campaign, launched in March 2019, has been designed to address this.
  • Interestingly over a quarter of adult New Zealanders think they have heard of Physiotherapy New Zealand and 61% think it’s important to seek a physio who is part of the national membership organisation. This indicates that promoting members to the public and strengthening our brand should continue to be a priority for PNZ.
  • Less than 10% of the public remember seeing any marketing material about physiotherapy in the previous 12 months. Again this is something we’re looking to address with the consistent promotion of members through the Don't say oh! Say Physio! campaign.

Like our PNZ Member Survey we will now run the Public Survey annually, so changes in public awareness and perceptions can be monitored over time.

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