NZMPA High Velocity Thrust Update 2019 - Christchurch

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An excellent update course presented by Michael Monaghan and available to those that are practicing using cervical spine HVT or especially those who may have recently completed the NZMPA COMT programme.

As HVT is a restricted activity under the HPCAA, CPD is required by the Physio Board.

Non NZMPA members welcome. Minimum numbers required and limited spaces.

Note to all members using cervical spine HVT that this is a restricted activity under the HPCAA the
prerequisite being two fold;
You have completed a course of training specific to ensure competence in such activity and to show ongoing competence by completing some relevant professional development programme.
This is such a programme.


Imagine a tennis match between two top players, the match being played largely from the baseline. Then one of the protagonists advances to the net and executes a passing volley. The requirements of a successful volley are; high velocity, short amplitude and accuracy. The success of this action is not solely in the executive action but just as important were the preceding strokes that will have maneuvered the opponent so the volley could be performed.

There have been numerous articles of late that have questioned the place of manual therapy within
physiotherapy and especially joint manipulation.
I have reviewed many of these and find them wanting on a number of fronts, most seriously, the persistence to review multiple RCTs as though they depict how the majority of us managed our patients.

Those who have been through the recent COMT programmes will understand that the material given by Steve, Duncan, Richard and myself is based on sound applied anatomy and physiology and the correct interpretation of pathology.
This is not an easy exercise, it requires discipline, knowledge and especially patience to arrive at a point where you might consider that manual therapy has a place.
There is no time where it is regarded as a treatment in isolation, this is important to appreciate as regards HVT, viz. the above tennis analogy.

This update day will seek avenues for you to pursue in deciding to use HVT or not. If yes, we shall reason why.

From a technical aspect I shall review the basic principles of HVT, I shall then select specific regions and detail the associated techniques that I feel would be most useful for you to apply. These techniques will be familiar to you but the subtleties that I may use are not always obvious. The skill to reduce leverage and hence increase the comfort and safety will be the hallmark of this section of the day.

I encourage you attend.

Michael Monaghan

  • 19 Oct 19
  • 9:00 AM-5:00 PM
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  • Physiotherapy Department, Physical Medicine Building, Entrance 3, Mairehau Road, Burwood Hospital, Outpaitents Department, Christchurch, New Zealand

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