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Why am I so tired?


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We are looking forward to seeing you tomorrow at the Fatigue Course. Please note that due to unforeseen circumstances there has been a change to our speaker line up and the final session of the day has been changed. Please accept our apologies for this. We will use the time available to open up the discussion and share our experiences as a group.

Regardless of the area of physiotherapy you work in, we all see patients who experience fatigue which can have an impact on their function and quality of life. This course offers a range of speakers who have professional expertise in working with patients who suffer from fatigue, as well as an interview with a health professional suffering from long COVID.

This course is focused on the holistic view of managing patients that are suffering from fatigue. We want to ensure that all patients suffering from fatigue are offered the services of a cardiorespiratory physiotherapist and those physiotherapists are in turn offered training opportunities to up skill and support while working in the space. We are aware of the significant impact that fatigue has on all aspects on a patients wellbeing, including their engagement in physiotherapy in a wide range of conditions, such as ME/CFS, post-concussion, stroke and more recently long COVID.

Course speakers

Tania Clifton Smith - Cardiorespiratory musculoskeletal physiotherapist, co found of Breathing Works and established Bradcliff Method

Emma Davidson - Occupational Therapist and Clinical Advisor at APM

Matthew Manderson - Psychologist and owner of Talkingpoint

Why am I so tired? October 21st Online webinar by CRSIG


Welcome/ House Keeping


Matthew Manderson

Psychologist - Talking Point

* Fatigue is normal (ie: fatigue is a normal body response to illness or injury). (risk factors for this response to continue on past normal timeframe)

* Fatigue isn’t cured by rest

* Management of fatigue is multi-elemental (diet, sleep, exercise etc)

* A psychological approach to fatigue management(can we include mention of perfectionism/ boom/bust / all or nothing personality types)


Tania Clifton-Smith

* Post viral syndromes-pathological process-post exertional malaise

* Breathing and fatigue

* Difference between GET and pacing

* Physiological calm

* What you can do in clinical practice

* Including screening tools/outcome measures


Emma Davidson

* Fatigue and concussion/stroke

* Energy envelope/ pacing approach

* Goal setting and using ADLS as rehabilitation

* Sleep routine


Tea Break



Interview with Mandy Shutt


Time of reflection and discussion on implementing into practice including cultural considerations

12.30 pm

Closing Karakia

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