INTERNALS: Introduction to Pelvic Health Internals


INTERNALS: Introduction to Pelvic Health Internals

Saturday 24 September 2022 and Sunday 25 September 2022, Kinloch, Taupo

The focus of the course is learning how to do internal vaginal and rectal examinations safely and competently. Incontinence (urinary and faecal), pelvic organ prolapses, levator ani avulsions, bowel issues, sexual dysfunction, and pelvic pain conditions in females and males will be introduced at a basic level.

The course is very clinically focused and will give you tools to enable you to branch into the field of women's and men's pelvic health and call yourself a pelvic health therapist. Both female and male participants are welcome to attend.

What people are saying about this course?

The best course I have been on in a long time, a relaxed environment for learning a new topic. Melissa has a great personality for teaching such a taboo topic and the whole weekend was the right balance of presentations and practical, highly recommend!! – Laura

This is a great course with a good balance of theory and practical components. Melissa makes everyone feel comfortable no matter your previous experience, nervousness, or gender! I highly recommend this course. Also the food is great! – Derek

Melissa's course is a must for anyone wanting to develop skills in pelvic health physiotherapy. Having the opportunity to practice vaginal and rectal exams in a safe and encouraging space has made me feel so much more confident to be able to pursue this area of physiotherapy further. Melissa makes the course and her style of teaching very approachable and relatable which made me feel so much more at ease to ask questions. I have come away from this course feeling very motivated and inspired to being the career pathway in developing further in pelvic health. Thank you Melissa – Jennifer

Melissa is a great teacher; the course provides a good mix of theory and practical in a safe environment and you come away feeling confident in your new skills – Jenny

The contents of the course were great. Really friendly & supportive learning environment from Melissa and also other colleagues attending the course – Linh

Amazing course, I was hesitant on going the step further into internal exams, but the course was fun, friendly, and not at all scary. The knowledge of the research and the clinical experience Melissa has in this area is very evident in the logical and informative way she has structured this course. I learnt a lot – Nina

Melissa's course on introduction to pelvic floor physiotherapy was a fantastic course that helped me to gain a wealth of knowledge and practical skills for starting to assess and treat pelvic health. Anyone who is looking to focus in this area of Physiotherapy should do this course – Rebecca

How was the food?

- Super yummy, filling, and healthy

- 10/10

- All was delicious

- 10!!!

- Pretty Nom

- Fantastic!!!

- 10+/10

- Nom nom

Investment: $695

Presenter: Dr Melissa Davidson, Specialist Physiotherapist in Pelvic Health

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