MFR Foundations- New Plymouth


Cost: $450

Course counts for 14 CPDs.

Fascia creates the architectural design of the body and plays a major role in many physiological functions. It is one continuous web that wraps and connects everything in the body, creating a tensional and compressive dynamic which dictates our muscle function and our posture.

Seeing the body's design through this perspective is valuable in unraveling a client’s experiences of physical traumas, accidents & injuries, and the resulting protective and compensation patterns that develop. These patterns create postural distortions which present as pain, limited range of movement and dysfunction.

In the MFR Foundations course you will learn about the anatomy & physiology of fascia, how fascia is involved with every action and experience we have, why it dysfunctions and how we can treat it with myofasical release. The course covers important muscles of the back, hips, shoulders, neck, head & abdomen.

Additional courses include the MFR Advanced Upper Body and the MFR Advanced Lower Body. These courses delve deeper into body, for a more in-depth understanding and practice. They are offered in each location just after the Foundations course, so go to the website for more details:

Instructor: Beth Beauchamp is a Medical Massage Therapist, Fascia Instructor & Educator. She loves to share her passion about fascia and myofasical release. She offers a dynamic space for learning which is easy and fun.

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