Improving Find a Physio

Find a Physio is PNZ’s online search tool connecting the public with members. It’s been around for a while and gets thousands visits each month from people wanting to find a PNZ physio. Following the 2019 website update and launch of the Don’t say oh! Say Physio! marketing campaign, which directs people to PNZ members thorough Find a Physio, this search tool has become increasingly important.

However the public can currently only search Find a Physio by physiotherapy practice. To improve how Find a Physio works it is being updated, so individual members can either have their own listing or tag themselves to where they work so their name appears on that practice's listing and the search engine is more user-friendly.

Linking Find a Physio with PNZ membership

The improved Find a Physio will be similar to the Australian Physiotherapy Association’s directory, displaying search results at a practice level as well as identifying individual physios. Benefits of this include:

  • The public can more easily find current PNZ members.
  • Members are in control of their own profile, including the ability to remove (and add) themselves from Find a Physio through the PNZ website.
  • Practices will still have Find a Physio listings. If at least one current member identifies a practice as their workplace a listing can be created for that practice, which the business manager can update (similar to how they do now).

Updating your Find a Physio profile

Being searchable in Find a Physio will require your profile to be up-to-date, including where you work. As an individual physio you’ll be able to add details such as work hours and a profile description, or choose not to be included. If you manage a practice you’ll also be asked to update your practice listing. You'll be able to update your profile at any time through and be reminded to do so at the time of membership renewals. Instructions on how to do this will be made available before the updated Find a Physio is launched.

Next steps

PNZ Office is working with our web designers and developers to implement the change. This is the same team that helped update the PNZ website in 2019. Find a Physio improvements are scheduled to be complete mid-2020 (this was to be April 2020 but has moved with the country in the COVID-19 alert level system). Members will be emailed information on how to update your Find a Physio listings throughout the year.

Page updated May 2020