Survey - Attitudes and perceptions about sleep

We are inviting you to participate in a short online survey on Physiotherapists’ attitudes and perceptions about sleep.

As physiotherapists we know that besides management of a specific condition, we need to focus on the health and well-being of the patient as a whole. However sleep health is often neglected by health professionals in their patient assessments and sleep pathologies are under diagnosed and undertreated. For example, a recent systematic review of perceptions and attitudes towards sleep revealed that New Zealand nurses, general practitioners/ primary care providers, paediatricians, psychologists and pharmacists, felt ill-equipped to manage patients with sleep issues. Physiotherapists have a key role in improving patients’ health and well-being. “Sleep” is an important component of this assessment and management, yet New Zealand physiotherapists’ perceptions and attitudes towards sleep have not been explored.

We invite you to participate in this survey so that we can better understand the perceptions and attitudes of our profession and potentially develop continuing education opportunities to improve knowledge and assessment practices of physiotherapists and thus assist with reducing the health burden of deficient sleep as well as recognising symptoms and improving referrals of patients for diagnosis of sleep disorders.


Dr Margot Skinner PhD FPNZ PNZ Hon Life
Principal Investigator

Survey Details

The survey will be open for one month.

Page updated October 2020.