PNZ Strategy 2021-2025

PNZ Strategy 2021-2025

As we started our new financial year in July 2021 we’ve also commenced the PNZ Strategy 2021-2025. Written by the PNZ Executive with input from across the membership, this highlights our united focus in supporting physiotherapists to lead improved health outcomes for Aotearoa.

Experiencing our highest ever member numbers, the Strategy builds on members’ current work and looks to realise opportunities arising from the recent Health and Disability System Review. Please read the Strategy and watch the Chair of PNZ Executive introduce our priorities for the next five years in the video below.

Thank you once again for your support as we strive to do more for members, the profession and the health of Aotearoa.

Strategic Priorities

To achieve our purpose of supporting physiotherapists to lead improved health outcomes for Aotearoa, our strategic plan has five initiatives:

  • Supporting equity for Māori
  • Leading voice in healthcare
  • Optimally skilled physiotherapists
  • A healthy PNZ
  • Engaged and connected members

A United Strategic Direction

To ensure an organisation-wide direction leaders from every Branch and Special Interest Group (SIG) were included in the setting of the PNZ Strategy, along with the PNZ Executive and representatives from Tae Ora Tinana, the Finance, Risk and Audit Committee (FRAC) and PNZ Office.

PNZ Strategy Day: February 2021

An in-person strategic planning day was held on 23 February 2021 in Auckland, bringing together Branch and SIG leaders, the PNZ Executive, Tae Ora Tinana Co-Chairs, the FRAC Independent Chair and PNZ Office.

PNZ Leadership Day: May 2021

The PNZ Executive again met PNZ leaders on 7 May 2021 in Wellington, discussing a proposed strategic direction with representatives from Branches, SIGs, Tae Ora Tinana and PNZ Office.

PNZ Executive Meeting: May 2021

After input at PNZ Leadership Day a proposed Strategy was tabled at the PNZ Executive meeting on 28 May 2021, with PNZ Strategy 2021-2025 further refined for launch and operationalisation in July 2021.

Your PNZ Executive

Following the 2020 AGM your PNZ Executive members are Ben Hinchcliff (President), Grant Chittock (Chair), Keistin Woodman, Kelly Davison, Kurt Thomas, Monica Davis and Rachel Cunningham. Read their profiles here.

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