New ACC Regulation and Telehealth rates available from 1 May 2021

ACC have announced new regulation pricing and non-contracted telehealth changes from 1 May 2021. Please read content from ACC below.

Government recently approved the Cost of Treatment Regulations (CoTR) and Hearing Loss Regulation pricing, which will come into effect 1 May 2021. ACC are also making changes to their non-contracted telehealth rates.

Cost of Treatment Regulations and Hearing Loss Regulation changes

Government has agreed to the following changes under the Cost of Treatment Regulations:

  • 2.05% rates increase for regulated treatment payments.
  • 1.72% rates increase for payments to radiologists and providers of hyperbaric oxygen.
  • Removing ACC’s deductions for dental treatment on teeth that have had previous non-injury related work, meaning full regulated costs will be covered.
  • 2.05% rates increase for audiological services under the Hearing Loss Regulations.

These changes will be implemented through the Accident Compensation (Liability to Pay or Contribute to Cost of Treatment) Amendment Regulations 2021 and the Accident Compensation (Apportioning Entitlements for Hearing Loss) Amendment Regulations 2021.

The proposed creation of individual profession groups from the group currently known as ‘Specified Treatment Providers’ to allow for different payment rates for each profession will be made in the 2020 review cycle. The consultation for this will start in 2021.

The all of government response to COVID-19 caused significant delay to the review, approval, and implementation of the 2018 COTR pricing changes. The delay will be taken into consideration as part of the next regulated rates review.

Non-contracted telehealth changes

ACC is also making the following changes to their non-contracted telehealth rates for providers who bill under the CoTR: 

  • 2.05% rate increase for all existing non-contracted telehealth rates 
  • Changing non-contracted telehealth payments for specified treatment providers to a single flat fee and an hourly rate, reflecting the in-person consult rate. 
  • Introducing telehealth codes for hearing loss service providers.

Practice management system (PMS) vendors have been supplied with details about the new rates so users will be able to invoice ACC at the new rates from 1 May. If you use a PMS, you may need to update your software to reflect the new pricing. Be sure to check your software is up to date to avoid any challenges.

Providers who do not use a PMS can continue to invoice ACC for services as they do now, using the updated prices from 1 May 2021. The new rates are available on ACC’s website on the Paying you for your services and Service item codes and rates for Telehealth invoices pages.

It’s important to select the appropriate code and correctly invoice at the new rates from 1 May to avoid unnecessary delays in payments from ACC. 

Providers can find out more on the  ACC website or by contacting the Provider Helpline on 0800 222 070.

Page updated March 2021