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PNZ Change Programme

March 2020

The momentum continues with nearly all branches completed and the first three SIGs over the line.

The majority of groups who are still in process are very much committed to doing their best for their members so discussions and amendments to MoUs and ToRs continue between group committees and PNZ staff.

Where are you on the Journey?

Group activities as per current business plans are well underway and business planning and budget templates for 2020-2021 are now ready for circulation.

The goal is a completed first budget and business plan for the unified PNZ ready for May.

Resources - Business Plan

Resources - Budget

January 2020 

Tau Hou koa ! 

Following on from the holiday break its likely that the PNZ Change Programme is the last thing on anyone's mind however 2020 is a milestone year as the large majority of groups will be completing a merger of operations before the middle of the year. The ongoing work on Terms of Reference, business plans and budgets needs to be picked up and nudged across the line so don't hesitate to email or call me for a reminder about where your group is at and what should happen next. For those groups who became 'unified' last year (well done) keep the momentum going by giving thought to your 2020-2021 business plan and budget.   

Ngā mihi


End of Year update - December 2019

With the end of the year in sight this seems like a good time to reflect on why we began this journey and where have we got to . . .

Central to everything has been the core purpose of the collective organisation moving forward to:

  • Advocate for the profession
  • Drive quality, through promoting best practice and professional development 
  • Facilitate active participation by members and 
  • Deliver value for money member services

The diagrams below show every group is engaged and 5 Branches have completed the process which means they have merged with the new PNZ structure. Most other branches and 2 SIGs are very close to joining those over the line.

The Terms of Reference for each group is the base document however alongside that we need the business plan and budget agreed before ToRs can be presented to the PNZ Executive for sign off.

What's ahead in 2020

Around March groups will be asked to put forward their business plans and budgets for the 20-21 year which means that in May the first budget and business plan for the unified PNZ will be available. All going well most groups should have completed the merger of operations by June 2020 and then sometime in 2021 all groups will have completed the entire process. At this point the costs of the unified organisation will be monitored and as promised (somewhere close to the beginning of the journey) there will be a review of membership fees.

November 2019 from Sue Doesburg

My role with the Change Programme is to provide support to the SIG and Branch committee members who are navigating their way through the required steps and process on behalf of all their members. What's more - as the contact person for SIGs and Branches Sandra has said that I might need to do some 'gentle nagging' by way of nudging the process along (but hopefully that won't need to happen too often!).   

Change Programme Progress

All of the Branches and Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are now well on their way through the transition process. Our first SIG to complete looks as if it will be the Physiotherapists in Mental Health group so well done PiMH members. The first quarterly reports for these groups will be early in 2020 following the end of the second quarter of the PNZ financial year.

With the change of project management, a key focus has been on maintaining momentum and communication. As mentioned I can provide information and guidance about the steps and process but if assistance is needed with the wording +/or content of ToRs or MoUs Sandra has been across many of these already. Finally when it comes to budgets and business plans Bridget is very happy to help.   

We are aware of the hours of time some committee members are spending on this process and remain committed to supporting you through what for most of us will be a once in a lifetime experience so do call on Bridget or Sandra if you feel yourself getting stuck in the details of the documents. Remember Bridget is great with numbers and Sandra with concepts!! (was that gentle nagging??) 

As noted previously we will continue to subsidise Branch activities out of general membership subscriptions, consistent with the former capitation levels. We will be monitoring finances, costs and subsidies over the next 2-3 financial years with a view to reviewing all subscriptions once we have full view of the costs.

The business planning and budget templates for 2020/21 will be circulated for all groups early in 2020 as we need to include these groups in the total PNZ budget and business plan. Hopefully having completed the first one these will be straightforward. If you want some help with the forms Bridget, Peter or Sandra from PNZ Office will be willing and able to help.

When Kim left she posted photos of her old and new views so here's one from my current corner of our beautiful Aotearoa New Zealand.  

The Unified PNZ Consititution (PNZ Rules)

Refer to the current PNZ Rules here – voted for by PNZ members and commenced following the 2018 PNZ AGM on September 14. The Rules allow for a transitional period up to 2021 for Branches and SIGs to transition into a unified PNZ.

PNZ Change Programme - The Background

The transition towards all of PNZ operating as a unified organisation continues, following the member vote to operate under new Rules announced at the September 2018 Annual General Meeting. This means the PNZ Executive remains committed to the Change Programme and this is a key priority for the PNZ Office up to 2021. The overarching purpose of the Change Programme remains, to allow all of PNZ to better service its members and the profession as a whole. This includes raising the profile of the profession and improving systems for the many volunteers who help deliver services to members.Branches and SIGs remain highly important. Members will continue to engage with these groups as they do now, attending events and receiving information. The first impact to members of operating as one organisation is likely to be an alignment of our systems – starting with finances and a united financial year.There will now be a staggered process with Branches and SIGs transitioning to the Rules and operating model with agreed Terms of Reference, either at the end of their financial year or another mutually agreed time. PNZ Office will work with Branch and SIG leaders to agree Terms of Reference and specific transition dates.

February 2018A change programme co-design workshop involving representatives from across PNZ was held in February. This resulted in PNZ Co-Design Key Messages explaining the blueprint for the future that workshop attendees designed together.

June 2018PNZ members received a copy of the Proposed PNZ Constitution by email in June. A summary of member feedback, with answers and subsequent amendments, is here.

July 2018. A final version of the proposed PNZ Constitution was written, for the member vote to decide whether or not PNZ will transition to a unified organisation. Voting then occurred by electronic vote.

August 2018The member vote was taken, with results announced at the 14 September PNZ Annual General Meeting in Dunedin.

September 2018From 14 September 2018 PNZ operates under the current Rules. PNZ Branches and SIGs will transition into the Rules, either at the end of their financial year or another mutually agreed time.

November 2018Business Planning Template was made available, to help with Branch and SIG planning.

December 2018. Terms of Reference templates are now available for Branches and SIGs. Kim Eland also joins our team as the PNZ Change Programme Project Manager, starting on 7 January. Kim will be in touch with representatives of all Branches and SIGs in the New Year.

Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the change programme journey so far. Change Programme FAQs, with answers to member questions are available here.

Documents for Download

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