Unifying PNZ

Change Programme

PNZ Change Programme

The transition towards all of PNZ operating as a unified organisation followed a member vote to operate under the PNZ Rules announced at the 2018 PNZ Annual General Meeting. This led to PNZ Executive commitment to the Change Programme and it being a key priority for PNZ Office, the overarching purpose of which was to support all of PNZ to better service its members and the physiotherapy profession.

Branches and Special Interest Groups (SIGs) remain highly important and there has then been a staggered process of groups transitioning to the Rules and operating model with agreed Terms of Reference. As of June 2022 almost all Branches and SIGs have completed steps to transition to a united PNZ, and while our previous Hand Therapy SIG (NZAHT) is now a stand-alone organisation, consistent with international transdisciplinary hand therapy groups, we've maintained a working relationship with NZAHT.

Business Plans and Budgets

Guidelines and templates for PNZ business plans and budgets below, intended to support PNZ groups in setting their annual business plans and budgets. 

Further information on finances as a unified PNZ is available here, including the following stages and timeframes for annual business planning, budgeting and reporting.


The timeline towards PNZ becoming a unified organisation is below.

  • August 2017. Members vote to invest in a programme to create a unified PNZ.
  • February 2018. A change programme co-design workshop involving representatives from across PNZ is held, resulting in PNZ Co-Design Key Messages explaining the blueprint for the future that workshop attendees designed together.
  • August 2018. PNZ members vote to adopt the new PNZ Constitution.
  • September 2018. From 14 September 2018 PNZ operates under the new Rules. Discussions commence with Branches and Special Interest Groups on individual group transition.
  • June 2019. Hawkes Bay is the first Branch to merge with PNZ.
  • December 2019. Seven Branches and two Special Interest Groups are merged with PNZ.
  • June 2020. 10 Branches and three Special Interest Groups are merged with PNZ.
  • December 2020. 11 Branches and seven Special Interest Groups are merged with PNZ. Four Special Interest Groups are working under a Memorandum of Understanding to merge operations prior to final transition.

Frequently Asked Questions

PNZ Change Programme FAQs with answers to member questions are available here.


Page updated June 2022