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Physio Me

Physiotherapy New Zealand advertising will continue throughout 2022, promoting the profession and encouraging the public to book appointments with PNZ members. This builds on previous advertising campaigns, including those supporting members through COVID-19, and is designed to raise the public profile of members as well as the range of areas where physiotherapy can improve health outcomes for all of Aotearoa.

Reminding the public to find a PNZ physio today, the updated campaign celebrates physiotherapists in New Zealanders’ everyday lives highlighting how physiotherapy can help “me” as an individual, my whānau and community. Campaign material also reflects Te Whare Tapa Whā dimensions of wellbeing, including Oranga Tinana (physical wellbeing), Oranga Wairua (spiritual wellbeing), Oranga Hinengaro (mental wellbeing) and Oranga Whānau (family wellbeing).

We've worked with our advertising agency to promote the campaign through paid digital channels including social media, website advertising and Google search. This will also be posted on PNZ social media accounts, asking members to share with their networks. Members are encouraged to add their own information such as areas of expertise to direct people to their practice and tag PNZ so we can share your posts (Facebook: @PhysiotherapyNZ, Twitter: @PhysioNZ).

Your Physio Can See You Now

With the country moving through COVID-19 alert levels at times many physiotherapists had only been available to see patients through telehealth, while in other regions they can see patients in person. 

To address this PNZ ran a campaign throughout 2020 and 2021 to increase public awareness that their physiotherapist can still see them through telehealth during higher alert levels and drive them to PNZ members. This focused on a clear and consistent message that your physio can still see you online.

As Government measures regarding COVID-19 allowed members to see patients both by telehealth and in person, this message changed to a more a direct message encouraging the public to make a physiotherapy appointment and that your physio can see you now.

Don't say Oh! Say Physio!

Don't say Oh! Say Physio! is PNZ's core marketing campaign to the public. With promotion a key role of PNZ, 'Don't say Oh! Say Physio!' reminds the public to seek out members as health treatment providers of choice.

People wait to see a physio

Research shows that around half of all New Zealand adults have a current condition that could be treated by physiotherapy. But many people wait to see if it comes right on its own before seeing a physio. This reminds people that an active life is a happy life, and that PNZ members should be a first-call for concerns preventing them from activity.

A consistent message

The campaign has a strong, easily remembered, consistent public message, with a clear call to action; driving people to seek a PNZ member. It highlights that people don't have to put up with issues preventing them from activity, and encourages them to seek PNZ members through the Find a Physio directory and recognition of the PNZ brand.

Don't say oh! Say Physio!

The campaign creative encourages people to "Don't say oh! Say Physio!". This conveys the campaign message in a positive and vibrant way, while reminding people of the many areas physiotherapy can help with.

Campaign launch

Launched in March 2019 the initial campaign featured online, in malls and on radio. It also included material designed for members to use in their own marketing, providing a platform for all of PNZ to engage with the public in a united voice.

Summer 2019/20 

The campaign continued over summer 2019/20, reminding people to seek a PNZ member through, with campaign material online, in newspapers and on radio.

Ngā mihi 

Thank you to everyone for your support of the campaign. Please ensure your PNZ Find a Physio listing is up to date. Listings are only available to PNZ members and this is where the campaign will send the public to Find a Physio. Check and update your listing on Find a Physio or register to be listed by emailing

Page updated April 2022