Physiolog CPD recording

Physiolog is available to PNZ members to help record your Continuing Professional Development (CPD). Owned and maintained by LogitApps, PNZ has a Physiolog subscription providing current members with access to this platform.

Please use your email address and password to access Physiolog. The code for PNZ members is: PNZLOGITAPP

Physiolog moved to a web-based platform on 1 June 2022

On 1 June 2022 Physiolog moved from an app-based to a web-based platform, meaning that PNZ members can now access Physiolog through

Data on Physiolog transitioned to the web-based platform on 31 May, with existing email addresses and passwords remaining the same and new functionality added including the ability to complete and collate reflective statements.

While the platform is no longer available as an app, it can be accessed through phones and devices in a similar way to an app. LogitApps have provided instructions on how to add Physiolog as an app icon.

Please see the message from LogitApps below and contact with any questions.


  • This will allow us to support any mobile and web based device.
  • This will allow you to update your information (including reflective statements) using your computer.
  • It will improve functionality.


  • We launched this on 1 June 2022.

What’s going to happen to my data?

  • We transitioned all of your data on the night of 31 May. You can sleep easy, we have back-ups and none of your information will be lost.

How will I log in?

  • From 1 June go to and log in with your regular Physiolog email address and password.

What new functions does Physiolog have?

  • You can complete your reflective statements and collate it all together.
  • We have worked with the Physiotherapy Board to design an export wizard that will seamlessly gather the information in the format suitable for the Board.
  • You can set up and record your professional development plan.

What do I have to do?

  • Record your CPD as usual.
  • Complete all your professional requirements.
  • If you get audited – just press export.

Screenshots from the Physiolog web-based platform

Record your CPD

Complete your peer review

Complete your reflective statements

Record your work history

Complete your professional development planning

Send your completed audit to the Physiotherapy Board

Page updated September 2022