NZMPA Mulligan Concept - Part C and Exam

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30 Nov - 2 Dec 2019

The Mulligan Concept – Do you know how to use this New Zealand born concept in your assessment and management of musculoskeletal problems seen daily in your practice?

This very safe, very successful manual therapy concept is proving to be a winner around the world with physiotherapists. Research is giving ample justification that you should be familiar with these techniques.

The NZMPA offers a sequential three-part Mulligan Concept course, presented by Jillian McDowell. While Part A, which covers the upper quartile, cervical and thoracic spine and Part B, covers the lower quartile and lumbar spine:

Part C includes further topics, as well as an examination of the whole course on the third day (Mon 2nd December).

All participants will have new manual therapy skills to apply to their patients upon returning to work after the course. Brian Mulligan’s latest textbook is the course manual and treatment belts, lumbar snaggers and cervical snaggers will be available for purchase during the course. Mulligan Concept tapings will also be practiced.

Techniques include NAGS, SNAGS, MWMS and spinal mobilisations with arm and leg movements for non-radicular pain. All have the unique safety feature of being pain free for the patient immediately if they are indicated for their symptoms.

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