PNZ Library

Physiotherapy New Zealand is a non-chartered library which means members can inter-loan articles from libraries both nationally and internationally.  This provides superior access to Journals than any single medical database; Medline, Embase, Cinahl, Sportdiscus etc (or all these databases combined!).

All members are entitled to 10 articles free through the PNZ library per year.  Make sure that you make the most of your allocation!

Hear what PNZ members’ have said about the library inter-loan facility.

‘The library request facility is crucial as not all places of work include access to peer reviewed journals … the service was super prompt, with all three articles arriving the day after I requested them!’ Kylee Tustin (PNZ member)

‘I have found [PNZ library extremely helpful when researching a particular topic and have been unable to find a free access copy of an article. The form is simple and quick to complete’ Annalees Jones (PNZ member)’

‘I have used the PNZ library several times over the last year and have been impressed by the efficiency of the service... This is a great facility that PNZ provides to enable evidence-informed practice and that all-important lifelong learning. Jon Warren (PNZ member)’

Please see the ‘AQUIRE – Search for the Research’ section of the Five Stage Cycle of EBP or go straight to the article request form here.

Page updated February 2020