Find a Physio

Find a Physio is PNZ’s online search tool connecting the public with members. It gets thousands visits each month from people wanting to find a PNZ physio and is a key link between the public and PNZ members. Listings are available for practices and individual members, who can either have their own listing or tag themselves to where they work.

Instructions to manage your listing

Instructions on how to manage your Find a Physio listing as a practice or individual are here.

Linking Find a Physio with PNZ membership

Find a Physio displays search results at a practice level as well as identifying individuals who choose to be listed. Benefits of this include:

  • The public can easily find current PNZ members.
  • Members can manage their own Find a Physio listing through the PNZ website.
  • Practices have listings which business owners can manage.

Managing your Find a Physio listing

PNZ members who manage a practice can request a Find a Physio listing for their business. Individual members can also choose to appear on Find a Physio by either requesting their own listing or tagging themselves to their workplace.

To request a new Find a Physio listing, for a practice or individual, please complete the New Find a Physio Listing Form and email it to Once you have a listing you can manage your Find a Physio profile at

Individual Listings

Either request a new listing by completing the New Find a Physio Listing Form (then you can manage your listing in a similar way to practices do) or go to your MyPNZ section of to tag yourself to a practice already listed on Find a Physio.

Practice Listings

Members working at your practice can now be tagged to your listing. If you manage a practice already on Find a Physio please check your practice details on your MyPNZ section of New practices can be added using the New Find a Physio Listing Form.

Profile statements

Please ensure any profile statements adhere to the Physiotherapy Standards, including that only registered Physiotherapy Specialists can use descriptors that state or imply this status.

Page updated September 2022