Myofascial Release Therapy: The Fundamentals

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22 - 23 August

Fascia creates the architectural design of the body and plays a major role in many physiological functions. It is one continuous web that wraps and connects everything in the body, creating a tensional and compressive dynamic which dictates our muscle function and our posture.

Seeing the body's design through this perspective is crucial to unraveling a client’s experiences of trauma, and the resulting protective and compensation patterns that develop. These patterns create postural distortions which present as pain, limited range of movement and dysfunction.

In The Fundamentals course you will learn effective techniques to address specific muscles, as well as begin to see the bigger picture influences of fascial dysfunction. The Fundamentals course offers a great foundational understanding and offers 14 points toward continuing professional development.

Additional courses include the Advanced Upper Body and the Advanced Lower Body. These courses delve deeper into body, for a more in-depth understanding and practice.

The instructor Beth Beauchamp, Medical Massage Therapist, loves to share her passion about fascia and myofasical release therapy. She offers a dynamic space for learning which is easy and fun.

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