Introduction to Scoliosis Management

About this event

Addressed to physiotherapists and any health professional interested in acquiring knowledge on scoliosis and other structural alterations of the spine.

Course objectives:

  • How to be an active member of a multidisciplinary team, for the treatment of deformities of the spine
  • Understand the pathogenesis and pathomechanism of the morphological alterations of the spine in idiopathic scoliosis and sagittal plane disorders (Scheuermann and others)
  • Carry out a clinical and functional assessment of the patient with scoliosis and elaborate a complete clinical history
  • Make a correct clinical and functional diagnosis of sagittal plane and scoliosis disorders
  • Use and interpret the questionnaires about the life quality of the patient with scoliosis
  • Assess and interpret radiological images of the patient with scoliosis using digital tools for its assessment, diagnosis, comprehension and prognosis
  • Assess, analyse and understand the treatments recommended in the deformities of the spine, including Physiotherapeutic Scoliosis Specific Exercise (PSSE), Bracing and surgery
  • Understand the importance of the use of scientific evidence in the non-surgical treatment of the scoliosis
  • Apply the SOSORT Guide for the Clinical Practice, published in 2016.

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