PAANZ: Enhanced Needling Skills Part B – Western Acupuncture


Enhanced Needling Skills ABC Part B: Western Acupuncture

Presented by Derek Timmins and Susan Kohut
Date: Saturday 24 July - Sunday 25 July
Venue: AUT, North Shore Campus, Northcote, Auckland

Enhanced Needling Skills: Parts A, B and C

The Enhanced Needling Skills (ENS) Parts A, B and C courses are designed to introduce safe needling and both Western and Traditional Chinese concepts of acupuncture practice. The courses are for participants who want to extend their acupuncture knowledge and skills beyond dry needling or those who need an acupuncture refresher course. The course is to be completed sequentially for participants who have only dry needling training or who have not completed the 80 hours of formal acupuncture training pre-requisite. Participants who have completed 80 hours of formal acupuncture training may participate in any course as needed.

The 2-day Western Acupuncture programme is recapping the sentinel 'points' theoretical and practical learned during the previous weekend and introducing some clinical reasoning strategies as to why local, segmental or big-point extra-segmental needling is useful.

More acupuncture points will be learned as well as the application of acupuncture needling to regularly seen conditions in practice.

Case study analysis will guide treatment of some common conditions relating to degenerative conditions, acute injury healing and how not to over-treat your patients

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NOTE: All attendees must be registered in New Zealand and have a current APC.

Pre-requisites: participants need to have attended as a minimum a PAANZ dry needling course or our standard 80 hours training.

  • 24 Jul 21 - 25 Jul 21
  • 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
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  • A.U.T, A.U.T North Shore, Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand
  • $750.00 Non Members
  • $600.00 Members
  • $600.00 Students