Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist

Full time

Two fantastic job options

Option 1 - full time MSK private practice (all levels of experience considered)

Option 2- Full time MSK private practice (3+yrs experience looking for career progression)

Option 1


You are an enthusiastic vibrant physio with a thirst for learning and being busy

You have initiative and look to help your fellow team members.

You enjoy joining in in team activities and see the job not just as a place to go to earn money but a place to grow both professionally and personally. You have a genuine desire to help people return to pre injury state not just the diagnosis process and enjoy the journey from injury to full fitness.


The Clinics are situated in and around beautiful Auckland from absolute beach front to the inner city, the locations are: Next generation gym - Parnell, Botany, St Heliers, Takapuna, Grey Lynn, St Johns, Newmarket and the Hibiscus coast.

The teams in each clinic are lead by senior physios with many years of experience and they each have a strong belief in further education and CPD, with very robust weekly in service training programmes and professional supervision in each of the clinics. Many of our staff hold post graduate qualifications in a variety of areas including, pain management, PGAP, VOC, biomechanics, strength and conditioning, SFMA, rehabilitation, acupuncture, sports and management. They are keen to share their knowledge and skills with their fellow staff members. For new graduates (under 18 months experience) we run a New Graduate Mentoring Programme for added support and professional development.

We have the time (with up to 1 hour treatment sessions) to look at the patient holistically to determine the cause of the disorder. We have a strong emphasis on manual therapy and exercise rehabilitation, with the focus on being able to fully treat the patients MSK disorder back to full heath and their lifestyle goals.

Our locations are uniquely placed to offer the applicant ease of access to shops the beach and the gym. All the locations have state of the art rehabilitation equipment and full Pilates studio equipment. We run rehabilitation and conditioning classes throughout the day giving the clinics a vibrant collaborative atmosphere.

The case loads vary with each location however we do hold rehabilitation and corporate contracts, at each clinic. We also provide physiotherapy for international sporting events. Our physios have the choice as to whether they want to be part of the team that provides this service.

This is what we can offer you: The working hours are flexible with competitive re numeration and financial help towards up skilling in your CPD. Pilates course provided if the applicant does not have the relevant experience (worth $8000) terms and conditions apply. Management courses provided for the right applicant, with movement and progression within the company. Electronic notes with full time helpful friendly administrative staff. A Fun Supportive, professional environment in which to enrich your career. Salary or contractor options available. Possibility to move to other locations for other experience (subject to availability).

So if you're a physio that's just starting out and want to benefit from working with highly experienced colleagues or you're a seasoned pro that wants to work in a wonderful location just send us an email. We'd love to hear from you and we will endeavor to find you the right location for your requirements. If this sounds like the right job for you contact Jason and he will be happy to talk to you.

Option 2

So, chances are if you are reading this you are a physio looking for your next career move. It can be a big and difficult decision, and it is often even more difficult to know if you are making the right decision.


You are a physio who has loved your time in private practice - but you often wonder if there is something more. More challenge, more career progression, more reward, and more in terms of the environment in which you work.

You enjoy being busy, and solving challenging problems with your patients.

You have built a great reputation in your clinic, with plenty of repeat clients wanting to see you. You may be considering how you progress your career at this stage - perhaps doing a Masters, choosing a special area of interest, or doing some business or management training. You are not the average clinician. Oh, and you aren't afraid of business - rebooking, asking clients to come back, and helping them get better. Because that is what they want. You are mature - not a scared, junior physio.

You don't discharge patients after one session, or use language like "just see how it goes". You want the best results for your patients, and you are prepared to do whatever it takes to help them get the best results.

You realise the power of manual therapy, exercise therapy and expert advice together as your preferred modus operandi. You understand patients want to be touched, and you are good with your hands - but even better with your brain and your communication.

The position

As a physiotherapist at Peak Pilates and Physiotherapy this is a fulltime role, but for the right person we are willing to offer you any hours that may work for you.

Your caseload will initially be musculoskeletal clients, but you will have a special area of interest that you are wanting to develop, that under our tutelage we will assist you to grow.

We are completely flexible as to your preferred appointment length, and will customise your appointment delivery to your preference.

We treat with a combination of advice, manual and exercise therapy. If you don't believe in manual therapy, don't apply for this position.

Do not apply for this position if:

  • This is your first private practice job - we only take proven high performers for this role
  • You don't believe in manual therapy - because we do (and our patients do too) we believe is a combination of therapies for our clients
  • You don't plan on staying in this job less than 3 years
  • You live further than 30 minutes from our clinic - we both know this wouldn't work
  • You are a "lone wolf" - team players only
  • You want to coast or cruise in your job - that is not how we do things here
  • You want to be paid a fortune without justifying why you are worth it - none of us started on massive salaries, why should you?
  • You believe you can get your patients better in one session - physios like David Butler and Peter O'Sullivan can't - so how can you? We treat people holistically and discharge once they are truly back to pre injury level
  • You don't want to help to market your services

So what do you get?

  • A good starting renumeration
  • Which grows (based on your performance).
  • Career pathway where after 2 years of tenure you can choose from 4 different options to advance your career
  • incentive bonus payments
  • One of the industry's most thorough induction processes - face to face training to make sure you get up to speed in your new job, and this lasts for 3-6 months! Not just the first week
  • The potential to choose your own hours, have rostered days' off and have the lifestyle you have never been able to have - good salary and good hours? I promise you it can be done (because all of our physios already do it)
  • Our physios love their jobs - working flexible hours, earning well in a supportive environment, treating their ideal clients, and growing as physios but more importantly as people. All while having family time, taking dream holidays, buying houses and doing things they only dreamed about before they started at Peak Pilates and physiotherapy.

What next?

So I take it you have worked out that we don't want just anyone for this position.

We also have not defined timeframe for hiring you - we can take you on at any time, this is the beauty of this position - we simply want the right person, and we will create a position for you.

The next step is for you to determine whether you think you are the right person, and you would like to have a no obligation phone chat with me (Jason Richardson) to ask me any questions about the position and our clinic that you would like to ask.

Check out our clinic at

Please follow the instructions at the webpage above and send a cover letter and resume to me at the email address, we can then arrange time to have a confidential discussion about the role.

Thank you so much and I look forward to speaking to you,

Job Closes: 8:32 AM, 15 May 2019

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