Call for research participants: Physiotherapists supporting self-management for people with low back pain

Exploring attitudes and beliefs of physiotherapists towards supporting self-management by people with low back pain

We would like to invite you to take part in a study exploring how and why New Zealand physiotherapists support self-management in people with low back pain. 

The only involvement required is a 1 hour individual Zoom meeting at a time and day which suits you.
We are looking for participants who:

  • Are New Zealand registered physiotherapists
  • Work in musculoskeletal 
  • Regularly treat people with low back pain (for a minimum of 25-30% of their workload)
  • And are available for a one-off, hour- long interview via Zoom.

The University of Otago Human Ethics Committee has approved this study, and their reference is D20/149.
The information sheet about this study can be found here.

If you’re keen to be interviewed for this study or wish to discuss it further, please contact Celia Monk at or on phone (03) 943 3475.

Nga mihi nui,

Celia Monk – Physiotherapist and Physiotherapy Masters Degree Student, University of Otago.

Dr Meredith Perry - Senior Lecturer and Associate Dean Post-Graduate Studies, School Of Physiotherapy / Te Kura Komiri Pai, University Of Otago.

Associate Professor Gisela Sole, Associate Dean Undergraduate Studies, School Of Physiotherapy / Te Kura Komiri Pai, University of Otago.

Page updated July 2020