Physiotherapy New Zealand

Physiotherapy New Zealand (PNZ) is the national membership organisation for physiotherapists and physiotherapy students, providing over 4,700 members with advocacy, education, information and services. An active membership organisation since 1950, we're founding members of World Physiotherapy.

PNZ Strategy 2021-2025

To achieve our purpose of supporting physiotherapists to lead improved health outcomes for Aotearoa, our the PNZ Strategy 2021-2025 has five initiatives:

  • Supporting equity for Māori
  • Leading voice in healthcare
  • Optimally skilled physiotherapists
  • A healthy PNZ
  • Engaged and connected members

PNZ Rules and Policies

Read the PNZ Rules and Membership Policy.

PNZ Annual Reports

Read our current and previous annual reports, highlighting work across PNZ on behalf of the profession and our financial statements.

Physiotherapy New Zealand Groups

  • PNZ Executive: The PNZ Executive is our governing body which plans strategically for the future direction of Physiotherapy New Zealand.
  • Tae Ora Tinana: Tae Ora Tinana is the Māori partner of Physiotherapy New Zealand, and represents Māori physiotherapists, physiotherapy students and assistants.
  • Governance and Work Group Committees: As well as PNZ Executive and Tae Ora Tinana, the governance and work group committees perform very important work for Physiotherapy New Zealand.
  • Branches: Regional PNZ branches provide members with seminars, local networking, and continuing professional development.
  • Special Interest Groups: A network of PNZ Special Interest Groups (SIGs) offer members the opportunity to focus on  specific areas of interest through continued education and networking.

PNZ Advertising: Physio Me

Lifting the profile of our profession and reminding the public to find a PNZ physiotherapist today, Physio Me celebrates members in New Zealanders’ everyday lives highlighting how physiotherapy can help “me” as an individual, my whānau and community. This reflects Te Whare Tapa Whā dimensions of wellbeing, including Oranga Tinana (physical wellbeing), Oranga Wairua (spiritual wellbeing), Oranga Hinengaro (mental wellbeing) and Oranga Whānau (family wellbeing).

Campaign material is promoted through paid digital channels including social media, website advertising and Google search. It is also posted on PNZ social media accounts for members to share. Members are encouraged to add their own information such as areas of expertise to direct people to their practice and tag PNZ (Facebook: @PhysiotherapyNZ, LinkedIn: Physiotherapy New Zealand, X / Twitter: @PhysioNZ).

The PNZ Brand

Our brand is a valuable asset that unites all of PNZ and includes everything that identifies PNZ, such as our logo, colours and fonts. Please read the PNZ Brand Guidelines for full details on how to use the brand. If you have any questions about the PNZ brand or would like a logo please contact pnz@physiotherapy.org.nz.

Current members are welcome to use the PNZ Member Logo, with blue and white backgrounds (right click on the logo when it opens and select save image as). If you have issues viewing the files please try using Google Chrome, Firefox, or version 11 or higher of Internet Explorer.

    Versions of the PNZ logo are also available for Branches, SIGs and Tae Ora Tinana. These are versions of the PNZ logo with the group name beside them. Each PNZ group is welcome to use these alongside any others they may have.

    Name Tags

    If you require name tags for your practice please contact engraveit@labelsplus.co.nz.

    Page updated February 2024