Physiotherapy New Zealand

Physiotherapy New Zealand (PNZ) is the national membership organisation for physiotherapists and physiotherapy students, providing over 4,000 members with advocacy, education, information and services.

The aim of PNZ is to improve the health of all New Zealanders including whānau, hapu and iwi. We've been an active membership organisation since 1950 and are founding members of World Physiotherapy, the global body for national physiotherapy associations.

Physiotherapy New Zealand comprises of:

PNZ Executive

The PNZ Executive is our governing body which plans strategically for the future direction of Physiotherapy New Zealand.

Governance and Work Group Committees

As well as PNZ Executive and Tae Ora Tinana, the governance and work group committees perform very important work for Physiotherapy New Zealand.

Tae Ora Tinana

Tae Ora Tinana is the Māori partner of Physiotherapy New Zealand, and represents Māori physiotherapists, physiotherapy students and assistants.


We have 11 branches throughout New Zealand that allow our members to attend seminars, network with local colleagues and participate in continuing professional development. Members are able to join their local branch at no cost.

Special Interest Groups

A network of 12 Special Interest Groups offers member a chance to focus on their specific area of interest and gain additional information, education and networking.

Physiotherapy New Zealand works in the following ways:


As the united voice we lobby for physiotherapists interests and for quality physiotherapy services in New Zealand. This includes work with government, health and community sector stakeholders to promote physiotherapy national and internationally.


We provide access to the latest knowledge base including comprehensive research and a biannual national conference. Our branches and Special Interest Groups provide excellent continuing professional development (CPD).


PNZ offers members access to a range of services including insurance, professional advice, marketing resources, online learning, job vacancies and advertising opportunities.

PNZ Strategy

Our strategy is based on the four foundations of quality, value, voice and knowledge.

PNZ 2016 - 2020 Strategy Update (June 2018)

PNZ Rules and Policies

Read the PNZ Rules (voted for by PNZ members and commenced following the 2018 PNZ Annual General Meeting) and Membership Policy.