PNZ Outcomes Pilot

What this expression of interest all about

PNZ is launching a two-year pilot commencing in July 2022.

The primary aim of the pilot is to assess the viability and benefits of capturing patient reported outcomes in real-time at different stages of their treatment and the value of physiotherapy services in improving the health status of clients. This evidence will enable PNZ to better advocate on behalf of its members.

The pilot will focus on musculoskeletal clients only, identifying health changes from treatment as well as client satisfaction.

At least 25 physiotherapy clinics are required to participate and these will need to be representative of the demographics and geography of Aotearoa New Zealand.

We are seeking expressions of interest from clinics that have an interest in potentially being part of the pilot.

An expression of interest is not a commitment but tells us that you would like to know more about the pilot. Additional information is available if you lodge an expression of interest, including details on data privacy, ownership, and access.

Expressions of Interest will not be sent out to DHBs, however two DHBs will be selected to participate in the pilot.

How the pilot will operate

The PNZ outcomes data collection system will automate collection of standardised patient reported outcome measures (PROMS) and patient reported experience measures (PREMS) from clients undergoing outpatient physiotherapy treatment.

Clients will be emailed surveys at set intervals (intake, discharge, 3 months, 12 months) during and following their physiotherapy care episode to determine progress with their health condition.

Physiotherapists will be interviewed once or twice throughout the pilot so we can hear about your experiences and challenges.

Withdrawal from the pilot is possible at any time during the 24-month period of its operation.

What's in it for physiotherapists?

Client level data will be available to physiotherapy clinicians and clinics to inform their treatments.

You will also be able to assess the health outcomes of your own clients against national benchmarks of de-identified, aggregated, data.

You will not be required by ACC to collect other outcome measures from participating clients.

The pilot is intended to require little effort from physiotherapists and clinics with data largely gathered directly from clients through surveys or automatically from practice management systems.

There is no cost for the first year to practices for participating.

Am I eligible to participate?

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible to participate in this pilot applicants are required to meet the following criteria:

  1. Not have an existing contract with an outcomes data collection system (clinics with an existing contract will be excluded from the pilot)
  2. Use Gensolve or Cliniko as a practice management system.
  3. Be a member of PNZ.
  4. Be willing in principle to take part for the 24 months of the pilot from July 2022.
  5. Encourage client take-up and be involved in a training session on setting up and operating the system.
  6. Able to provide an electronic device with good internet connectivity in clinic for clients to use to complete electronic surveys at baseline? Please note: Internet Explorer 11 or less is not supported.
  7. Accept that each client involved in the pilot will need to sign a form providing their informed consent.
  8. Accept that ACC will receive a copy of personally identifiable data of participating ACC claimants.
  9. Agree to being interviewed by PNZ’s Evaluator (once or twice) during the pilot, so that your experiences can be captured.
  10. Agree to provide basic data on practice activity each month (e.g. number of clients seen, no shows) if this reporting cannot be automatically extracted from the practice management system. This is for PNZ’s evaluator to calculate a survey response rate.
  11. Providers that use the Cliniko practice management system will need to agree to submit weekly or bi-weekly .csv files to PNZ’s outcomes system supplier (this should take 5 minutes per week).
  12. Serve a population of clients presenting with musculoskeletal conditions.

Roles of PNZ and ACC

Both PNZ and ACC have an interest in understanding changes to client health status because of physiotherapy treatment.

Identifying this shared interest and need, PNZ have collaborated with ACC to develop this pilot.

PNZ is leading this pilot, with ACC providing input into the development and design.

ACC will also receive some health outcomes data from the pilot over the first 15 months.

The data will help ACC better understand client health outcomes, what’s important to the client and the effectiveness of the service provided during a client’s recovery journey. This pilot will form one of four trials ACC has underway to understand how ACC can methodically collect and use health outcome measures in the future across a range of client groups.

ACC will not receive data that identifies the physiotherapists, or the clinics, and it is not ACC’s aim to use the data to manage the performance of physiotherapists or clinics.

Next steps and timeframes

  • The closing date of the expressions of interest process is Friday 17 June 2022.
  • Depending on the response, this process may be reopened at a later date.
  • Expressions of interest and any queries can be sent to
  • Once an expression of interest is lodged, PNZ will assess it against the eligibility criteria including representativeness). Providing you meet this criteria, you will receive information about the next steps and a document detailing the Data Collection Design and Methodology for the pilot.
  • Potential participants will then determine whether they wish to commit to being part of the pilot.
  • PNZ will enter into a Memorandum of Understanding with each clinic who wishes to participate. This Memo of Understanding relates to obligations, safeguards, working together, and the option to terminate involvement.
  • Training will be provided for clinics that participate in the pilot.

What physiotherapists are asked to provide as part of this expression of interest

The expression of interest asks applicants to provide the information below.

All information collected from you will be stored, used and shared in accordance with the the Privacy Act 2020.

Expressions of interest will be considered in the context of the material provided, subsequent engagement regarding questions and issues, and PNZ’s intention to have a representative sample.

The compatibility of each applicant’s practice management system with the data collection supplier’s system will also be important.


Providing applicants are comfortable they meet the eligibility criteria and have had any questions answered, the following information can be sent to Please ensure you have included in the email subject line: EOI response – Name of practice.

Please include the following in your email:

  1. Name of practice; contact name; contact details.
  2. Number of physiotherapists working at the clinic and:
    1. Number who might participate in the pilot.
    2. Total FTE of those that might participate in the pilot.
    3. Proportion who might participate who are Māori and Pasifika.
  3. Clinic descriptors e.g. rural, provincial, urban.
    1. Number of clients pa. on average pre-COVID.
    2. Estimated proportion of clients who seek treatment for musculoskeletal conditions.
    3. Demographics of clients (median age, ethnicity by percentage proportion).
    4. Whether the clinic delivers ACC pain management, vocational rehabilitation or escalated care contracts (please specify which).

For previous background information on the project, click here.

Page updated June 2022