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Scholarship Trust Fund and ML Roberts Prize

Scholarship Trust Fund

The Scholarship Trust Fund is the funding source administered by Physiotherapy New Zealand (PNZ). The Scholarship Trust Fund was established in 1980 to promote, encourage and assist members carry out physiotherapy research and contribute to physiotherapy education in New Zealand. The committee meets annually to consider applications to the fund and decide on allocations of funding.

No Scholarship Trust Fund Grant Round for 2022

We're sorry that there is no Scholarship Trust Fund grant round for 2022. The Scholarship Trustees met in early July to consider the 2022 grant round. The financial information provided to the Trustees shows the impact of the declining share market in the 2021/22 year and as a result the Scholarship Trust has a deficit balance this year. As the Trust Deed prohibits the Trustees from using any capital there can be no grant round in 2022.

Donate to the Physiotherapy Scholarship Trust

The Trust Deed stipulates that the capital must be retained and only interest can be used for grant grounds. To continue to build the capital and ensure we can offer an annual grant round we need to build the fund. 

This is a by physio for physio fund. 

The PNZ Executive have agreed to reinstate the optional donation to ensure that we can build the Physiotherapy Scholarship Trust capital to meet current and future needs for the profession. 

$50 Donation

To donate $50 to the Physiotherapy Scholarship Trust, please click here

$100 Donation

To donate $100 to the Physiotherapy Scholarship Trust, please click here

Please note that an official donation receipt will be sent out within two weeks following the end of the month of the donation.

If you wish to donate another amount to the Scholarship Trust, please contact

ML Roberts Prize

The ML Roberts Prize was introduced in 1985 from a bequest from the estate of Mary Roberts, one of the early principals of the University of Otago School of Physiotherapy, to support and encourage student research. An annual prize is given to the student or group of students submitting the best research project as part of their final year programme.

There is a small grant as part of the prize and PNZ membership for the following year. The prize is offered at both AUT and the University of Otago with winners determined between each university and PNZ. While the bequest funds initiated the prize PNZ fully funds the awards in recognition of this important physiotherapy pioneer.

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