PNZ advocates and lobbies for members and the wider physiotherapy profession to key stakeholders including ACC, Allied Health and government ministers.

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Add Professional Indemnity Insurance to your membership. A special group rate is offered to PNZ members as well as access to a range of other insurance cover options.

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Special Interest Groups

Join one of our 13 Special Interest Groups (SIGs) for topic based material and CPD relevant to your chosen area of interest. You can sign up to one or more SIGs at the time of renewal or at any time during the year.

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As part of your PNZ membership, you can also become a member of your regional Branch who offer CPD and networking opportunities at a local level.

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Professional Development

Branches, SIGs and PNZ Office all provide a variety of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) learning opportunities, discounted (and sometimes at no cost) for members.

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Professional Advice

PNZ provides timely advice and support to members on a range of physiotherapy practise issues. A number of Frequently Asked Questions and responses have been identified. Members unable to answer their query on the FAQ page can contact pnz@physiotherapy.org.nz or phone 04 801 6500 to speak to the PNZ Professional Advisor.

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Members can be listed in the online Find a Physio database, where the public are able to search for PNZ physiotherapists.

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PNZ works to raise the profile of our profession, showcasing the value of physiotherapy and driving people to seek out PNZ members. We can also help with your own marketing, from name tags (through engraveit@labelsplus.co.nz) to campaign advice.

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Research & Resources

PNZ members have access to resources on the member website, including access to news feeds, professional education videos, practice guidelines and articles on a wide range of physiotherapy and health subjects.

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PNZ members receive issues of Physio Matters, providing a platform to connect with each other and the wider profession. You can also receive the New Zealand Journal of Physiotherapy, the official journal of PNZ consisting of papers contributed for peer review.

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Support for Māori

Tae Ora Tinana provides support with cultural guidance, professional advice and mentoring to physiotherapists, who identify as Māori, at any stage of their career.

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Employment Support

PNZ provides employment support to members through a series of current employment contract templates, including indefinite period, fixed term, contractor (paying their own taxes etc.) and casual employees. We also partner with Humankind to support members on a confidential basis with any employment issues or concerns. The first ten minutes of any phone consultation is free to members. Available by contacting pnz@physiotherapy.org.nz.