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PNZ Office (available to all members)

Physiotherapy New Zealand 2016 conference presentations. 18 presentations from the PNZ 2016 conference

Keynote planned for PNZ conference 2020 (cancelled): Exercise therapy for patients experiencing chronic pain: An inconvenient truth

Webinar: Employment Contracts

Webinar: Sports Taping

Webinar: Running Gait Analysis

Physiotherapy Specialist Series

Webinar:  The Shoulder Demystified

Webinar: Best Practice in the Management of Back Pain

Webinar: What the General Physiotherapist Needs to Know about Pelvic Health

Publicly available webinars for health professionals

World Congress of Physiotherapy, Geneva 2019. Recorded sessions

Goodfellow webinars


Auckland Branch

Auckland Branch Educational Evening - Hip Orthopedics and Optometrist

Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy for Children (available to ALL members)

Building Resilience (available to ALL members)

Julie Rope (Neuro Physio) and Gary Seaman (Orthotist) (available to ALL members)

Physiotherapy and the Management of Lymphoedema (available to ALL members)

Tennis elbow: Clinical practice and research (available to ALL members)

North Shore Branch (available to ALL members)

What is hot in nutrition in 2020 and beyond

Changing the model of care for the management of OA

Management of the Acute Knee (Orthopaedic Surgeon) and STarT Back Stratification Tool (Physiotherapist)

Waikato / Bay of Plenty (available to ALL members)

Clinical Evening Webinar - Mindful Or MindFull?

Melissa Davidson, Physiotherapy Specialist in Pelvic Health

Ethics in Practice

Te Toi Ahorangi - Equity and Te Tiriti

Wellington Branch (available to ALL members)

Management of persistent pain

A night with two specialists

Mechanical and Non-mechanical features of patellofemoral pain

Assessment and Management of Concussion

Advances in the treatment of vestibular conditions using physical interventions & when BPPV is not benign

Indications, referral criteria and best practice in surgical management of knee arthritis

Assessment of low back pain - The back doctor

Cardio-Respiratory Special Interest Group (only available to CRSIG members)

Obesity: People, populations, policy and prevention

Health, Weight and Happiness

Pelvic Floor for the Respiratory Physiotherapist

Should we focus on the POCUS? Point of care ultrasound for respiratory physios

Pre-op services facilitated by Lesley Anderson

Wellbeing of healthcare workers

Contemplating Chronic Cough - Available to ALL PNZ Members

Causes of Dyspnoea - Available to ALL PNZ Members

Reversible: A paediatric bronchiectasis case study

The Long Covid - Available to ALL PNZ Members

Ventilator Wave Forms

Neurology Special Interest Group (only available for NSIG members)

Cueing - Tara Martin

Management of continence in neurological conditions

Telerehabilitation for neurological conditions

Late effects of polio

Multiple Sclerosis - are you working your clients hard enough?

Building connectivity, trust and capability in neuro-rehabilitation

Gait disturbance, Freezing of Gait and Falls in Parkinson’s disease

Goal setting in stroke rehabilitation: horses for courses

Challenges for family and whanau supporting their blokes with stroke participate to be physically active: Considerations for physiotherapists

The Trunk: Implications of biomechanics and analysis for intervention

Treatment of Functional Movement Disorders.

Implications of biomechanics and analysis for intervention – PART 2

Understanding Persistent Neuropathic Pain And The Foundation For Physiotherapy

Pelvic Health for Neuro Patients

Exercise prescription for mobility in neurological rehabilitation

Bridges Self-Management

The effect of sleep on stroke survivors

Occupational Health Physiotherapy Group (only available to OHPG members)

Functional rehabilitation for clients with Chronic pain

Task Oriented Rehabilitation

Building psychological capability for recovery in vocational rehabilitation

Movement, posture and beliefs about low back pain


Connection - how to more effectively influence for positive change

Informed Consent - Available to ALL PNZ Members

Older Adult Special Interest Group (Osteoarthritis webinar open access, all other webinars only available to OASIG members)

Physiotherapy For Late Stage Parkinson Disease

Management of osteoarthritis

Exercise for aged care residents

Dizziness of the Older Adult


Dementia and Reducing the Risks- What can we do?

Lymphoedema Management and Prevention

Paediatric Special Interest Group (only available for PSIG members)

Aus ACPDM conference feedback

Assessment of vestibular function and balance in children

Paediatric therapeutic horse riding

Feedback on the Centre for Research Excellence in Cerebral Palsy Symposium

PSIG Webinar - Journal Club April 2020

Sian Williams - A delayed diagnosis? Clinician practice & family experience of the detection of cerebral palsy in New Zealand

The 4 Ps- Feedback from AusACPDM in Perth 2020, Part One

The 4 Ps- Feedback from AusACPDM in Perth 2020, Part Two

Maximize Neuroplasticity and Minimize Maladaptive Habits in Children and Teens with CP

International Classification of Function (ICF) model as a guide to evidence based assessment in a multidisciplinary team

Eloise Carella ‘A paediatric musculoskeletal update and case reviews’

Communication & Consent

Physiotherapy Acupuncture Association of New Zealand (only available for PAANZ members)

Acupuncture and dry needling, are you practicing safely?

Pelvic, Women's and Men's Health Special Interest Group (only available for PWMH members)

The Nuts & Bolts of pelvic floor training in Prostate Cancer

Let’s talk about sex (and prostate cancer)

An Introduction to Bowel and Bladder Conditions of the Paediatric Client

An introduction to Treatment of the Paediatric Pelvic Floor Patient

An introduction to pelvic floor conditions in the client with neurologic conditions

Physiotherapists in Mental Health Special Interest Group (only available to PiMH members)

Touch Therapy and Somatic Movement Education

Mental Health related ACC entitlements

Suicide Prevention with Dr Annette Beautrais

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