PNZ Member and Public Surveys

2021 PNZ Member Survey (including remuneration)

Thank you to everyone who completed the 2021 PNZ Member Survey. Again managed by Research New Zealand and in-field from 3 August to 3 September, this year’s survey asked members how PNZ is performing on their behalf as well as remuneration for the tax year ending 31 March 2021. There were 992 survey responses representing a response rate of 22%.

As in 2020 the PNZ Member Survey was conducted while the country moved through COVID-19 alert levels, with all of New Zealand in Alert Level 4 from 17 to 30 August and most regions (except Northland and Auckland) moving to Alert Level 3 from the end of August into September. To understand more about the impact of alert levels an additional PNZ COVID-19 Survey was also run from 1 to 12 November.

Read the full report. Reports from previous years' surveys are available at the bottom of this page.


Overall remuneration increased on the previous year, with average gross earnings for respondents working full-time reported at $81,909 and part-time $51,580 (up 5% and 8% respectively). However, there remains a difference in average gross earnings for full-time female and male respondents (noting a 2018 Analysis of the Physiotherapy Workforce identified females work less average weekly hours as physiotherapists than males).

Following a year through which PNZ has prioritised supporting physiotherapists through COVID-19 and the PNZ Executive worked with members to set a new organisational strategy, we were aiming to again improve member perceptions. However, as shown in the report, perceptions of PNZ performance have fallen including the proportion of members agreeing they value their membership.

The additional COVID-19 Survey identifies that many member practices were not fully operational at the time of the survey, particularly in Auckland, and this may have impacted overall perceptions. Asked for the first time this year, over three-quarters of members report feeling competent working in a way that is culturally safe for Māori.


While it is encouraging to see an overall increase in remuneration, the gap between females and males should be monitored. To ensure this can be examined further actual hours worked will be included in the 2022 PNZ Member Survey.

With member perceptions decreasing across most measures there continues to be an opportunity to increase the perceived value of PNZ services, by both maintaining our work in key areas and communicating this to members.

With COVID-19 continuing to impact members support through the COVID-19 Protection Framework is a priority for PNZ going into the next year.

2022 PNZ Public Survey

Run in April 2022, this year’s public survey shows continued improvement in public perceptions of physiotherapy and PNZ members. This includes an increasing proportion of New Zealanders that are aware of PNZ, can recall our advertising and believe it’s important to seek a member when requiring a physiotherapist.

The survey report, from research agency Perceptive, highlights that across PNZ we’re collectively helping raise the profile of the profession to achieve our strategic initiative of being a leading voice in healthcare. These are positive improvements as a united PNZ and important to effectively support members, particularly through COVID-19 and changes to the health and disability system.

Through our united voice we’ve continued to focus on advocacy and marketing over the last year, regularly raising issues in the media and directing the public to members. Maintaining this work is ensuring PNZ can better reach key stakeholders with our advocacy and support our growing membership.

As identified in previous years, people are still waiting before seeking out a physiotherapist. However, with the country no longer moving through regional COVID-19 alert levels, there’s now an opportunity to further promote members and how physiotherapy improves health outcomes for all of Aotearoa.

Following this survey, PNZ will continue to prioritise advocacy on behalf of members. Our marketing has also been updated, with the latest Physio Me campaign building on previous work to celebrate members in New Zealanders’ everyday lives and physiotherapy helping “me” as an individual, my whānau and community.


Awareness of PNZ marketing continues to increase, with almost a quarter of survey respondents recalling campaign material.

Over one-third of survey respondents had heard of Physiotherapy New Zealand and two-thirds believe it’s important to seek a PNZ member if requiring a physiotherapist.

The proportion of people who had an appointment with a physiotherapist in the last 12 months remains at just under 30%.


PNZ will maintain its focus on advocacy as a united organisation, working with Branches, Special Interest Groups and other committees to collectively raise the public profile of physiotherapy.

We’re also updating our marketing campaign, continuing to prompt the public to seek out members and celebrating their impact on New Zealanders’ everyday lives.

This advocacy work and marketing will highlight the expertise of PNZ members working across the profession and how physiotherapy improves health outcomes for Aotearoa.

Page updated July 2022